Things to keep in Mind When Buying Shower Doors

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When you are decorating the bathroom space in your house you need to do that in a very cosy way. Bathroom is a place which is needed to be the comfort zone.

New decors, styling, flooring and new techniques have become very popular these days. People want a small yet classy bathroom in their house. No matter what space they offer, it has to look comfortable enough and it should have all the proper things that are needed in the bathroom. These days, shower doors have become a very in thing. One can buy custom shower doors online. But before buying them, there are a certain things that they need to consider.


The shower doors should have proper and strong handles. They should stand the test of time. It is better if the handles are made from polished chrome and not from regular plastics. Because; plastic handles come up with cheap coats which gets peeled off within a few years. As a result, people have to replace them from time to time.


The doors that you choose can either be quadrant or can be bi-folded or can be sliding. So choosing a roller is the most important thing that you need to do. If you consult an expert, they will always go for single rollers or for nylon twins. Thus is because, both of them are durable and hard wearing. It is better not to go for plastic rollers as they are inferior as a product. As years pass, plastic becomes very brittle and hard and it becomes difficult to use. If you are going for sliding shower doors, then it is a good idea to pick the nylon rollers as they help the door to slide smoothly.

Toughened Safety Glass

Also check the thickness of the glass while you buy the door. This is very important. The toughened glasses are all designed and tested so that they are perfect for human safety. One can go for 6mm tough safety glass and it is better not to go for brittle and thinned glass.

Easy Clean Glass

Also check the quality of the glass and whether they can be cleaned easily. Also check that no water droplets can make a mark on them. May be these glasses are a bit high end and a bit higher on the cost level but it is a good idea to spend money on a good glass when you are buying a shower door. Also good glasses can be cleaned easily and so they are easy to maintain.


Also go for expensive seals in case of shower doors. Do not go for the cheap alternatives. Go for tight magnetic door seals so that they can provide a precise fit and can also prevent water leaks. Water leaks can cause a lot of damage and rust on the door which has to be prohibited. A magnetic seal can save that.

One can also go for custom glass shower doors if they want to make their bathroom decors look extra special.

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