How To Stop Throwing Up Bile After Drinking?

Nowadays, alcohol becomes indispensable drink in parties, holidays, meetings, etc. However, many people drink too much alcohol without control leading to many health problems. Most people who drink alcohol have symptoms of throwing up bile. It is a very annoying sensation and can be offensive to the opposite person when looking at. So how to stop throwing up after drinking? Let’s find out the answer in the article below!

Why do you throw up bile after drinking?

Throwing up bile can be the result of many different reasons including drinking alcohol. When you drink alcohol too much at the same time, alcohol becomes a stimulating substance in your stomach and may result in gastritis. If you suffer from gastritis, you may have some symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, stomachache and upset stomach. Besides, you even can get a dangerous problem like alcohol poisoning due to most alcoholic drinks contains ethyl alcohol poisoning your systems. Alcohol is absorbed into your body quickly, but in contrast, it takes a long time to be eliminated.

When you drink too much alcohol, the gastric motility will reduce and make you feel nausea. Dry heaves appear because of respiratory spasms, and the final even is throwing up with contents from the intestine. If you notice, you will see before you throw up, you usually take a deep breathe first. After that, your esophageal sphincter will open while the diaphragm contracts and esophagus also opens. Your stomach then squeezes and creates a pressure to push the contents inside go up.

How to stop throwing up bile after drinking?

After drinking too much alcohol, throwing up bile is hard to avoid because alcohol irritated and impacted strongly on your stomach. In some people, this symptom even prolongs a few day and affect their daily living. However, you entirely can apply some effective way to stop it quickly by some recommendations below.

Home remedies

With the people who want to find out a natural ingredient, home remedies are entirely a good choice for dealing with how to stop throwing up bile. Home remedies become popular in treating many problems but not expensive. Here are some tips for you:


Ginger has healing nature that can impact on cramps, irritated bowels, and abdominal pain. It also is the first choice that is applied by many people after drinking too much alcohol to relieve nausea feeling and throwing up bile. Using some slide of ginger to crush and mix it with a cup of warm water to drink after using alcohol. Ginger can stimulate your gastrointestinal tract release gastric juices which makes your stomach feels better and prevent throwing up bile.


Cloves became a popular home remedy for treating motion sickness and also throwing up bile. Cloves contain Eugenol which has characteristic antibacterial help your gastrointestinal tract to fight against pain and cramps. Mix it with a cup of hot water and then strain it. After that, consume this to stop throwing up after drinking alcohol.


This one also has an amazing effect on stop throwing up bile because it helps to calm your digestive tract. All you have to do is steeping fennel seeds in a cup of hot water before you strain it. This beverage can help you to stay calm after few times you consume it.


That sounds strange, but this method can help you deal with nausea and vomit effectively and also can stop throwing up bile. To perform this way, you have to choose a type of essential oil first. Normally, lemon oil is a good choice and easy to find. However, if it is not available, some slide of lemon is also acceptable because of similar effectiveness. All you have to do after drinking is take a deep breath with that oil. On the other hand, it is not necessarily lemon oil; you can choose another essential oil but with high quality to cope with throwing up bile after drinking such as rose, lavender, peppermint, chamomile, clove, etc.


Acupressure is a traditional method that relies mainly on the pressure to make a stimulant in some special point on the body. It has developed for about thousands of years and help people deal with many health problems. Acupressure can be used to stop throwing up bile, but it is a special method and have to be performed by the specialist. You should not do by yourself because it can cause a dangerous condition if you make it in a wrong way.

Getting hydrated

After you throw up, you may lose a lot of fluid so that you have to supply more. However, it seems uncomfortable for some people when they have to do that, but actually, it is necessary. You should not drink water too fast or too much because it makes your abdomen feels upset and even makes it worse. Therefore, you should sip them slowly. Though, you can change the type of fluid to take in instead of only water such as lemonade, ginger ale, mint tea, etc. These things do not only help you to stop throwing up bile but also can improve your situation.


Medication is not a comfortable choice for most of the people who suffer from throwing up bile. You can take over-the-counter medications to deal with this problem effectively, but you should concern about those side effect. Antihistamines can help you stop vomiting, but it also can result in dry mouth and urinary retention. The over-the-counter medicine is not recommended for you to cope with throwing up bile, but in necessary condition, you should visit the doctor to have a correct prescription and good pieces of advice.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, drinking too much alcohol truly can impact severely on your health and make you throw up bile. Those are some tips for you to find out the way to stop this situation. However, if you have any other problems such as dizziness, fever, headache, fainting, you should visit the doctors immediately to have a prompt treatment.

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