How To Sharpening Knife Using Stone

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Hey Guys, Today I am sharing my last week work experiences in a most important tool. What is it? Knife, yes, Knife. So In this article, I explore and share my work experiences with a knife that’s was dull and Sharpless. A Knife is most important tools but a  Sharpless knife is most dangerous harmful tools.

To must have to know that a dull knife has caused many accidents. In a kitchen or household or outdoors any kinds of work, a good and perfect sharping knife are mostly fit. In while, to working fast and cutting quickly and kitchen accessories a good and sharping knife blade to need best sharpening stone in your kitchen shelf.


Cleaning Your Knife:

Step by step guideline how to keep your knife clean and sharp:

Step 1: At firstly you need a towel or wear clothes to clean the knife blade and handle ( Fixed or Folding) hardly. Then keep it wash several time in free of water.

Step 2: After completing the first process the second step to wash in hot water with the mild shop or any kinds of washing powder or liquid materials. Washing carefully in blade edge side and properly in a blade and handle in the water.

Step 3: After washing water using the chemical to washing the blade steel. The knife sinks in two or three minutes in the chemical water.

Step 4:  Then wash it in a dry towel smoothly top to bottom including handle materials. As folding type blade applying oil or other kinds of lubricant to make easy to open. Using dry blade are long lasting and keep clean and sharp.

That is the complete easy and comfortable process to clean your knife handle and knife blade.

How to sharp kitchen blade:

A sharp Kitchen knife is the best kitchen tools because of that you can cutting down easily in a short time. Various way to have too sharp your kitchen knife.In while sharpening in a stone, Electric sharpener, Sandpaper and others various ways.

Sharping Whet Stone: Sharping in a wet stone is the oldest methods. Using many types of stone are sharping blade quickly. Some of like that Oil-stone, Water-stone or Aluminum Oxide sharpening stone.

That’s the Process of Sharping blade in Whetstone Methods:

Step1: At first the main point is that getting ready in sharping stone are submerge into fresh water in up to 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 2: Then starting the working process. To finding the dull point of the knife edge and move into the whet-stone around 15-20 degrees angle through the knife blade.

 Moving on and turn around on both of the sides around knife blade in 5 to 10 minutes until sharping good.

Kitchen Knife Caring Tips:  Now I am sharing some kinds of exclusive tips that protect you kitchen knife dullness quickly, sharp in a long time and serve the best quality of services.

       1.Always use soft types cutting boards like Wooden or Plastic Cutting boards. Avoid some kinds of steel, ceramic, glass and others.

  1. Don’t store out your EDC knife without washing blade. The blade is sucked in corrosions. In the longtime store, mind washing the blade properly and use oil or librarians.

      3.Everybody doing common mistakes that through the knife into the sink. Keep remembering that Never throughout the knife into the sink. And always washing hot water separately and then wash with a dry towel.

  1. Always use the sharp knife when the edge becomes dull or Sharpless to primary duty it re-sharpen as early as possible.

       5.Don’t over sharpen your kitchen knife that ricks for your kitchen works.

       6.Choosing the wooden knife handle because of that cutting of hard type thinks the wood handle not be slippery.

Final Verdict:

 In the last word of that to caring your kitchen and other kitchen accessories and kitchen knife and kitchen knife sharping process and exclusive knife caring tips, you must follow this to protect knife dullness. Thanks for Reading and I accepted that you follow my sharping tips and tricks.

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