A Luxurious Experience on Wheels

You have a huge mansion, a luxurious car, a cool gadget and a beautiful lifestyle. When it comes to traveling, do you try to dig out exciting and luxurious experiences? Many hotels and lodges are there that can give you a luxurious stayover experience. But have you thought about the journeys? Have you ever gone through a journey that was absolutely chic, luxurious and comfy? Don’t say that there aren’t such facilities available when the Indian Railways has options for you. It is all about exploring and experiencing the luxurious satisfactions.

Of course, the train fare is quite high when you think about luxury, but it is worth spending. There are some absolutely memorable and cherishing luxurious trains in India that should not be missed in your lifetime. You should take a look at some of the most exciting and energetic luxury trains below. After all, these trains have all the luxurious comforts, feature sand excitingfantasies stored for you.

Maharajas’ Express

It is the finest among all the luxury trains in India. Maharajas’ Express is also one of the five most luxurious trains in the entire world. This half-a-mile lengthy train brags about professionals prepared to fulfil the highest quality of friendliness, completely stocked bars, luxurious suites, exciting butler services and perhaps everything you might dream of. The tourists go for this journey to experience the extensiveness of the country in most distinguished way possible. It might interest you that this train was voted World’s Leading Luxury Train’ consecutively for years 2012, 2013 and 2014,

Golden Chariot

This Golden Chariot is one of the amazing luxury trains in India that takes the passengers to some of the most amazing tourist spots in South India. Launched in the year 2008, the Golden Chariot is popular for its flawless hospitality. This train has AC chambers coupled with royal interiors, extensive bars, superb restaurants serving multi-variety foods, mini gym, Ayurveda spa and other 5-star amenities. The tourists regarded this train as one of the finest luxury trains of India. The train was also awarded as Asia’s Leading Luxury Train in year 2013.

The Deccan Odyssey

Much motivated by the traveling chic of the kings and monarchs during diverse royal eras of ancient India, Deccan Odyssey is indeed a 5-star hotel on the wheels. It takes you to some attractive and mesmerising destinations of India. The regal treatment for the passengers, palace-like interiors of each and every cabin, multi-cuisine eateries, a conference car, loungesan on-board spa and other state-of-the-art facilities make the train one of the most deluxe trains in India and in the entire world as well.

Thus, the bottom line is that it is the time that you step out of your humdrum and packed life and experience a life of luxury and panache. If you have the budget to explore the depths of these luxurious trains then you must go for it. After all, these trains are like ‘lifetime experience’ for everyone. People have deep rooted love for these luxurious delights on wheels.

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