Leather-Finished Granite Countertop : A Sophisticated Look at Matte Finish

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Kitchen countertops are not only the most functional part of your kitchen but also a way to enhance the style-quotient of the kitchen. Depending on the texture and material, a kitchen countertop could be classy, sophisticated, and chic. Leather-finished granite kitchen countertops are a buzz word in the kitchen interior-designing world as it adds tones of sophistication and elegance to your kitchen. Plus, it has the right blend of sheen and shines that go well with all sorts of designing and alignment.

What Is This Leathered-finished Granite?

Well, it is a type of granite that has a specific finishing- “Leathered”. Often referred as brushed finishing, the leather finishing is a new trend that is making its way into numerous kitchens. Its upstate class and urbanity are the reasons behind its high-demand. Leathered finishing bestows that regular granite an extra dose of grace and panache. One can get this textured finishing for their regular granite by removing the extra polishing from the recently bought granite followed by thorough brushing. The end result would be a matte and textured granite which will sway your heart at the first sight.

As we all know granite is one of its kinds, the density and the texture of a leather-finished granite is also one of its kind.

Why the World Is Going Gaga over the Leather-Finished Granites?

Because it’s matte, it’s smooth and it’s highly functional.

There is no denying that leathered-finished granites have gained much of name and fame in the recent years. But, why people are so much in love with this finishing?

Don’t worry. We have an answer for this.

Because it makes porous granite more viable:

Natural granite is highly porous in nature. With numerous crooks and cranny in every inch, granite tends to get hold of everything that you prepare in your kitchen. Owing to this cleaning, maintenance, and usability of the naturally occurred granites are not that much applauding. The process of leathered finishing seals its pores and makes it more viable for customary usage. So, cook whatever you want without being feared of getting it stroked on your countertop.

Because it is more stain-resistant:

When the granite is not leathered, it is more prone to getting stains. It attracts stains with the same intensity as the magnet attracts the irons. Matte-finished granites are easy to clean and also scratch resistant, so is more preferred these days.

Because it is no more so-slippery:

We often find hard to get hold of things over kitchen countertops as they are slippery. The leather-finished granite countertops have a solid grip which holds the object with more force. Say bye-bye too slippery jars. In addition, it also makes an ideal choice for wet kitchen areas alike near the sink.

Because it doesn’t fade the natural color:

Granite is highly known for its unique hues. You can boast to have one-of-its-kind kitchen counter as each granite slab is unique in its own way. The leathered-finishing process doesn’t affect the natural color of the granite while the process of honing completely washes always its natural hue.

Because it adds a pinch of crafty texture:

Usually the original granite is igneous in nature which tends to lose its structure soon. The extensive brushing perks up its stability and make it more lasting and durable.

Because it won’t be put on view all those fingerprints and stains:

All those shiny countertops display any stain with full swing. Even your fingertips are also not spared. A leathered-finished granite countertop wins your hearts with its quality to camouflage fingerprints and other stains.

Because it a visual treat to your eyes:

Not all people are in love with those extra glossy and gleaming countertops. Some find the matte look more appealing, and leathered-finished countertops are just the right thing for all those aficionados of sophisticated countertops.

Because it demands less of maintenance and proffers more of practicality:

As the brushing almost seals the pores, maintenance of leathered finish countertops is as easy as clapping. A single wipe is more than sufficient. Plus, it practically also reaches to another level.

What Type of Granite Looks Best after This Finishing?

Out of all stones, Granite is the one which looks striking with the leathered finish. In general, darker stones like Atlantica Black and Cambrian Black look fabulous once the process is over. The look and appeal will lure anyone to take it directly into their kitchen.

More chic than polished and more sophisticated than honed, leathered-finished countertops are the sweet-spot of any kitchen. A causal rundown over a leathered-finished granite countertop will tempt you like anything. You can’t resist its smooth and downy touch.

So, give your kitchen countertop a much-deserved makeover with a leathered-finished kitchen granite countertop.

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