Learn How Does Technology Make You Happy?


Technology builds up the society. It is the engineering workshop to man to create machines for regulating the world. It enables guy  to become a powerful person removing obstructions Is technology much superior to human brain?  Man is the creator of the machine but it works for the benefit of the society. The bed of the civilization is modern technology. Therefore, standardization of your lifestyle, please don’t defy but accept technology which must guide you to have premium feel. Technology makes someone more gorgeous and happy. Try to utilize the modern technology to start navigating in the world to discover what is unseen to you.

Basics of Technology for Man to Learn for Fun and Happiness:

Learn the basics of hand-made machine which brings lot of fun to your life. There are many examples and proofs which must ensure the contribution of the technology to improve the lifestyle of a guy. Certainly, it is a long mysterious history to scroll down to reveal many secrets about the achievements of science and technology. The creation of vehicles, aircraft, railways, and ships must give evidentiary gloss to the massive technological breakthrough.

My goodness! How is a small vehicle so fast to take you to 10000miles away from your home town within 24 hours? Fly in the open sky and see the antics of the torn floppy cloud roaming idly without specific destination to reach. Is it not funny for you to travel with moving cloud, tiny Philomel and Skylark? Are you worried about the imminent danger to make your life hell? Nothing is difficult for a man because of the powerful impact of technology.

It is so fantastic to embrace the Sun and the Moon. It is so charismatic to reach unknown Utopian land to undergo “Last Ride Together with your sweetheart who is now out of your sight. Lost love can be restored by watching recorded widescreens and collage of snapshots shot 10 years back.

Technological Innovation – Turning Point to Human Beings:

The innovation in conventional technology is uninterrupted. Be cool. You have to be more intelligent with intuitive power to analyze technological progression for the last few centuries. The objective of science is to upgrade the philosophical life of a man who must have good vision of removing what is toxic element.

For example, human beings need education for enlightenment. New generation must have ability to think in a proper way. Man is the designer of his own society. He has to be answerable to his own countrymen. Naturally, he should be tuned up to the new setup which must be modified with the touch of AI, VR/AR and IOT enabled technology.

This switchover from manual machines to virtual world is really awe-inspiring. Adventure in tale-shopping, online live stream portal for seeing videos and playing video games is definitely unfathomable to measure. The portable gaming console on your smart phone is the studio for you to explore in entertainment world. Technological advancement enables youngsters to track the latest Hollywood and Bellwood movies on their android screens. They are not bored at home. Internet gives them indoor entertainment platform to spend weekends with their sweethearts without breaking privacy.

Technology is the powerhouse of human to have more energy to reinforce their immune system. They have sophisticated IOT enabled wearable accessories to check up their health condition. They talk to online healthcare professionals to choose the best supplement for diet control. Online pharmacy helps them to have nutritious obesity management pills and medications to reset bodies. You have lot of free tools and mobile applications to have information how to do health transformation to become the most beautiful person in the world.

The online healthcare society is expanding to ensure the fast mobility to the development of personality of a young boy. Similarly women are not going behind. They are representatives of 21st Century. Technology beautifies them. They are now more elegant, glossy and fashionable. Technology requires humans to change the world for the benefits of their fellows. AI intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality are modes of reshaping profiles of young generation. Nowadays you can study, shop and play on different casino games sites never even leaving your home. The experiments will be continued by think tanks to invent more charming things for New Millennial.

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