Do you Know about 5 Strange Things that can Cause Kidney Stones?

Among the many health concerns that ail us in our lifetime, kidney stones are quite commonly heard of. Typically, the symptoms of kidney stones are characterized by extreme discomfort in the lower abdomen region, most commonly resulting in excruciating pain.

A person diagnosed with kidney stones is generally advised to drink plenty of water and other fluids to remove tiny stones without surgical means. But often that does not help and the stones reappear. In such cases, or even if the stones are sizeable enough, a laser operation for kidney stone removal is the best option available. While there could be multiple reasons that cause kidney stones, some reasons are quite unimaginable and off-beat.

5 Strange things that can Cause Kidney Stones

Now, after being treated of kidney stones, there is always a chance of recurrence by 60 to 80 percent. This is true even if a person is extremely careful of the diet. That brings us to some strange and interesting things which might also cause kidney stones to reappear.

Let us take a look at 5 of these unusual things.

  1. Insufficient Calcium Intake: Calcium is commonly found to be present in kidney stones. This is the reason why people are often advised to stay off from eating food rich in calcium to prevent recurrence of the ailment. However, many doctors feel that this is not an entirely correct approach. While too much calcium may build up stones in the kidney, too little calcium is also responsible for causing kidney stones. According to research conducted by Harvard Medical School, people whose calcium intake is too low, are actually more susceptible to the recurrence of kidney stones. So calcium must be consumed optimally.
  2. Excess Leafy Vegetables: While eating green leafy veggies is great for our overall health, it might have adverse effects when consumed in excess. Green leafy vegetables especially spinach, contains high amounts of oxalates, which are excreted from our system eventually. But if the levels of oxalate in blood keep accumulating, that might lead to the formation of kidney stones. Green vegetables that are low in oxalates would be a better option.
  3. Genetic Reasons: Now, you cannot really control your genetic setup, can you? If you happen to inherit a genetic condition called cystinuria, then there will be higher levels of the compound cystine in your blood. This is also a contributing factor to the reappearance of kidney stones. Among the various kinds of kidney stones, only cystine stones are formed due to genetic mutations. In such cases there is not much to do; undergoing a kidney stone laser treatment might be in the cards for you.
  4. Tropical Climate: According to studies conducted by many researchers, there is a direct link between the tropical climate and developing kidney stones. This is a very common problem among people in the tropics, who have limited access to clean drinking water. Urine output in very low volumes increases the probability of formation kidney stones. Again, chronic diarrhea is also known to raise the chances of developing renal stones. People living in countries close to the equator are thereby more susceptible.
  5. Consuming Soda: Consuming too much of soda can contribute in the formation of kidney stones. The acidic properties present in soda, are known to acidify urine, thereby resulting in stone formation. Drinking soda in higher amounts leads to the formation of calcium oxalate crystals, which solidify to form renal stones.

Kidney Stone Treatment depends on the type and location of these particles. However, a laser operation for stone proves to be the best way to prevent stones from reappearing.

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