Different Color Roses to Gift on Different Occasions

For every important occasion, roses play the best role of bringing a smile on the face of the recipient. Their elegant beauty delight the heart of the receiver and the fragrance bring positivity to their lives. But you would be surprised to know that every shade of rose has a different meaning that is not quite well-known. So here we will discuss the significance of different rose colors that will help you choose the most appropriate ones for any occasion.

Red Roses

The most popular of all and a perfect symbol of love, passion, and beauty. A dozen of velvety red roses is excellent to say “I Love You” to your sweetheart on the romantic occasion of Valentine’s Day. Also, they can be used to say congratulations or express gratitude towards your loved ones. You can order red rose delivery online by placing an order at the florist shop.

Pink Roses

In general, pink roses symbolize dignity, elegance, innocence, admiration, and happiness. They are considered a good choice to give your beloved at the beginning of a relationship or to congratulate your buddy on the achievement something incredible. They also make excellent thank you gift for someone who did you a huge favor.

White Roses

The white roses exhibit angelic vibes, which makes them an excellent symbol of purity, spirituality, new beginnings, and reverence. Considered as the common wedding flowers due to their association with marriage, you can give a bouquet of white roses to your newly married friend or relative. Or pay tribute to the departed soul at a funeral with an arrangement of white roses. You can easily get free flowers delivery online by placing an order from the comfort of your home. 

Yellow Roses

The bright yellow roses send the clear message of joy, care, and affection. Most commonly given to friends, these blooms make an excellent choice for the Friendship Day gift or to thank your buddies for their support and help. These flowers can also be sent as a get well soon flowers to lift up the spirit of a sick or injured person.

After reading this article you must have got an insight into the different meanings of roses and what occasions they are most appropriate for. So next time onwards when you have to send flowers to India, always choose the right shade so that they convey your message in the right manner.

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