Best Budget-Friendly Travel Sites This 2018

Traveling during summer has become a tradition for most people. However, it is also an expensive leisure not all can afford without breaking their bank. It’s a bit tricky to find some budget-friendly travel sites. As a result, people likely passed on having a summer trip somewhere else or spend all the money they have.

Luckily, several travel destinations won’t leave your wallet empty, yet the experience is all similar to those expensive and glamorous vacations. If you are searching for a budget-friendly place to visit this coming summer, here are a few places you need to check out.

The Cook Islands

This group of fifteen islands on the South Pacific is best for folks who are looking for a tropical with Polynesian vibes kind of summer destination. Imagine the old Hawaii, but with modern features like WiFi and other advanced technologies these days. And if it’s the picturesque views of beaches and summer-perfect weather is not enough, from food shops, souvenir stores, and boutiques to their hotels and Airbnbs are all budget-friendly. You can also hop from one island to another if you want to explore the Cook Islands more.



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You probably have heard this word. Or some time in your life an acquaintance told you about his planned trip to Zanzibar. And you thought it’s quite an expensive place to visit. Shove it off. Zanzibar is a budget-friendly site, especially for solo travelers. With its crystal-clear blue seas and different activities, you will surely enjoy, the mainland Tanzania to Zanzibar boat rate costs only for $35. There are also luxury hotels that you can indulge yourself in if you have the money to rent a day and night. But if you prefer a cheap place to sleep in, then there are Airbnb ranging from $40 to $50 per night.

Saint Martin in Caribbean Island

Several months after the devastating situation hurricane Irma brought to famous Saint Martin, the small Caribbean Island is now set to make the place tourist-friendly and Instagram worthy again. But because prospect visitors are still troubled if it is worthy to visit, some hotels like Hotel Mercure offers a $169 hotel suite for a night, which is undoubtedly affordable. Of course, there are also Airbnbs offering $50 per night that is safe and comfortable to stay in at night.

Traveling is not fun if you have to spend all your savings just to meet your summer goals. Fortunately, out-of-the-country trips nowadays are affordable, but the experience and fun are still the same.

Santa Fe in Mexico


For the lovers of nature, the little Santa Fe at the foothills of the well-known Sangre de Cristo Mountains is an ideal destination to reflect and ponder on life while enjoying the beautiful sceneries. It is one of the oldest cities in the US and is a home for over 300 art galleries, 250 restaurants, and hundreds of shops and different fair and festivals. To enter the museums, you only need to pay $12, which is quite cheap compared to others. If you want a little walk while learning about the culture and history of Santa Fe, you only need to pay $14 for historic walking trips.


Morro Jable in the Canary Islands

The White Sand and Azure Waters of Morro Jable, Fuerteventura

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Breathtaking is the word that best describes Jandia Peninsula’s shoreline. Located in the Pajara municipality, many of Fuerteventura town’s magnificent coastal offerings are here.  One of the most popular is the modern meets antique town of Morro Jable. With its powdery white sand, stunning beauty, and cost-efficient amenities, you’ll be able to feel the luxurious experience without hurting your pocket. You can also head to the streets of Nuestra Señora del Carmen and Diputado Senador Velázquez Cabrera. As they are side by side, shoppers won’t even have a hard time going through both. From beach vacay must-haves to the souvenirs to bring home and everything in between, these two lanes have it.

Traveling is more often than not, an expensive activity. But that does not mean you have to empty your pocket to visit other countries or not travel at all. Today, there are hundreds of budget-friendly destinations that you will indeed enjoy as well as ways to make your travel cheap. From places to stay in day tours and fun activities, you do not have to worry about your budget money, and going home broke. You only need to be patient in searching for that destination, plan the itinerary and more importantly is to opt Airbnb instead of a glamorous hotel suite, especially that most Airbnbs today has the same aesthetic of luxury hotels and are all Instagram-worthy.

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