4 Reasons Why Social Media Marketers Love Instagram

Social Media Marketers

The modern marketing and advertising world is moving towards the social media channels, as businesses now consider these platforms more effective than offline mediums. Speaking of the social media platforms, Instagram appears to be the ideal channel for business marketing and promoting your products and services in a more creative way. According to the marketing reports and several online surveys, it has been found that Instagram is currently leading the social media marketing niche in terms of user engagement and brand building.

Given the various features including marketing tools such as paid ads, Instagram offers business owners with vast opportunities on its platform. With that being said, read this guide to learn why you should utilize this platform for your brand promotion on social media:

Higher User Engagement

When it comes to marketing on Instagram, you can safely rely on the fact that your account will gain new followers and you can drive heavy traffic to your website. This is a practical fact since the visual sharing platform currently enjoys more than 800 million active users. With high-quality content, you can build your own follower community on the platform. Moreover, according to a research conducted on Instagram, it was found that the mobile-exclusive platform is more accessed by users compared to other social media channels.

A Mobile-exclusive Application

Every marketer understands the importance of making their website and services convenient for the mobile users, due to the rise of smartphones. As most of the people now access the Internet via their smartphones, Instagram is simply the perfect platform for marketing your business, owing to its mobile-exclusive nature. On top of that, Instagram has been designed especially for mobile so that users can make use of this social media channel on the go. Generally speaking, using Instagram for promoting your brand can drive high traffic including the mobile users to your business website.

Paid Advertisements

This is probably the biggest benefits that marketers can enjoy while marketing their business on Instagram, as paid advertisements help in boosting their social media marketing campaign and ensure high ROI. Navigating your paid ads to the profile link in the bio can direct the audience to your storefront where they can browse your products and services and make a buying decision. With paid ads, not only you can make certain of higher traffic, but you can also get new Instagram followers.

Strategically Targets Your Audience

Aiming the audience is easy on Instagram with paid advertisements. The marketing tools are designed in such a manner that advertisements will be showcased on the news feed of the users who are more likely to connect with your brand. In other words, Instagram allows the display of your ads in front of the right people, making sure that you obtain a higher return on investment. In fact, the targeting and connecting with the audience is much better on Instagram, unlike its other social media counterparts.


Keeping the aforementioned points in mind, it is safe to say that Instagram is currently the best platform for social media marketing and increasing user engagement. Focus on high-quality and personalized images while marketing your business on Instagram.

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